Visual Tools to Boost Productivity

It’s been noted that human concentration levels can actually cause us to only be productive three out of eight hours. Operating at the peak of efficiency during those productive hours is essential to getting things done. Using visual tools to plan and organize tasks and projects can generate positive results faster. Shalin Siriwaradhana, writer for... Read More

Using Instagram for Business Building

When it first launched, Instagram was a very popular social network for sharing photos. Today, it is still known for photo sharing, but now the site is used for more than just posting pictures of travel or pets. Using Instagram to build brand awareness and create profit for your business is a smart step, and... Read More

Free Classes to Learn Online Marketing

To be the best in anything, continuous learning is a must. Marketing is certainly no exception to that rule. Rather than trying to read every blog or article that’s written on the subject, it’s now possible to go to class online and learn how to market effectively. Improving your marketing skills online is easy, and... Read More

How to Overcome Feeling Like an Inadequate Photographer

No matter how many great images you take, there may be a moment when you feel inadequate as a photographer. Seeing images of other photographers who seem to have it all together can compound that feeling. Doubting your skill is something that happens to just about everyone, especially those in creative fields. Try these few... Read More

Photography Projects Help with Motivation

Photographers often find it difficult to stay motivated. Although it seems unlikely that a photographer can be distracted from their work, it can happen. The good news is completing a photography project, especially one completely different from your normal subject matter, can help photographers get their focus and motivation back. Anthony Epes, writer for Digital... Read More

Character Count Guide for Online Content

Online posts are sometimes driven by the number of characters permitted by a platform. However, the available number of characters or words shouldn’t necessarily be the actual length of the post. Finding just the right length for your content can increase both readability and SEO results. From the title to the body, learn what the... Read More

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

For those who write for a living, coming up with fresh new ideas can be a struggle at times. Writer’s block is an all too common problem that can affect even the most experienced writers. Thinking outside the box and using these five tips can help writers overcome writer’s block. Kristen Pope, writer for The... Read More

Ten Important Metrics to Monitor for Social Media

Marketing on social media isn’t just about getting content out there, even though that’s very important. What you also need to know is that you’ve got to gather data behind the scenes to help you make ongoing decisions. These are the ten most important social media metrics to monitor so your marketing strategy can be... Read More

Give New Life to Your Website

The design of a website is so much more than making sure it’s visually pleasing. While that aspect plays a very important role, it’s more important to make sure the site also offers great content. Make your website functional and resourceful so users get the most from their visit, and return. Evans Walsh, writer for... Read More

When to “Break Up” with a Freelance Client

Many freelance writers take any and every writing gig they can get when starting out, to build clientele. As your experience increases, your client base grows and your time becomes much more valuable, there may clients that end up costing you time and money. It’s not easy to end a working relationship, but sometimes it’s... Read More